Why do we make backup copies our personal or business data?  Because we know the data is valuable.  Consider: "How much would it cost to restore lost data in case it disappears from the system?" Very often, the data on a system is of much greater value than the computer itself.  So, an effort must be made to protect this asset. Also remember, we make backups hoping that we never need them, but it is too dangerous to live without them. It’s not unusual to hear of companies who lost their valuable data, didn't have a good backup, and subsequently went out of business.


We can help you with developing a Backup Plan.


We can help you decide:

• What software you will use to do backups?

• What data will be backing up?

• How often you should be backing up your data?

• What type of backup media should you use?

• Where will you store the media?


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