Try these tips to keep your computer in immaculate condition.


Keeping the keyboard free of debris

Keyboards can be destroyed in many ways.  For example, foreign objects can easily get in between the keys.  A few examples would include: paper clips, food, beverage spills, pencil lead, scraps of paper, and make-up, just to mention a few.  To help prevent such a buildup inside a keyboard, use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust and debris. Also, try tipping the keyboard over and tapping it on your desk with the keys facing down.  Be sure to have a paper towel and Windex handy to wipe up the droppings.  Although keyboards are inexpensive these days, it’s not difficult to do these simple steps and save a little money.


Cleaning the keys on the keyboard

If you find that your keys are discolored, you can clean them with an alcohol wipe or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This cleaning solution will remove all but the hardiest of substances. Windex also works well.  Although dirty keys won't prevent the keyboard from working, having clean ones will improve the appearance of the system.


Cleaning your monitor

Monitors attract dust just like televisions. As a result, they can become quite dirty. Clean the monitor screen with a nonabrasive glass cleaning solution, or just use Windex. Be sure to spray the solution onto the rag and not directly onto the monitor to prevent any liquid from getting inside the high-voltage monitor.  In addition to cleaning the screen, you should also wipe the monitor/LCD casing.


Keeping your mouse clean

To keep the mouse, you need a can of compressed air and some alcohol wipes. If your mouse has a mouse ball, remove the ball from the mouse and clean it with the alcohol wipes. Then, use the compressed air to remove any dirt and debris that may have found its way into the mouse.  While the ball is out, check the track/contact wheels inside the opening and remove any buildup.  Then, replacing the mouse ball.  You can use the alcohol wipes (or Windex) to clean the outside of your mouse just as you did with the keyboard. These simple steps take just a few moments and will ensure that the mouse will continue to work reliably.


Cleaning the inside of your computer

Over time, the components inside of a computer can become covered with dust. This dust can cause problems with the solid state chips on the motherboard or its peripherals. Take the cover off of the system every three months and use compressed air to blow the dust off of everything. (You may want to ask a trained Computer Technician to do this.)


Keep CD/DVDs clean to prevent the drive from skipping

Make it a habit to check CD/DVDs for fingerprints, dust, and other debris before putting them into the optical drive bay. Dirt on a CD/DVD will drastically reduce an optical drive's performance, and could make the drive fail to read the disk completely.


If you do find fingerprints or other debris on the surface of the disk, you can use mild non-detergent liquid dish or hand soap to clean the surface.  Put the CD/DVD under warm water and apply the liquid soap.  Gently wash the disk clean working from the inside of the disk to the outside using circular motions.  You should be able to remove all but the most stubborn problems in a few seconds.  Use a soft paper towel or lint-free cloth to wipe the disk clean and dry. Never use any type of solvent on the disk because you run the risk of causing permanent damage to the data stored on it.


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