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Sanpete Computer Services is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP)*, but we can help with your home and small office Internet setup and troubleshooting issues. We can help you setup your wired and/or wireless network and Internet access, plus we can diagnose and troubleshoot network/Internet issues that are generally outside the scope of an ISPs responsibilities. We often work hand and hand alongside your ISP to resolve technical issues within your home and small office network.


* An ISP is a company that offers its customers access to the Internet. Local examples of ISPs are: ComCast, Quest, CentraCom, Manti Telephone and AltaZip. An ISP connects to its customers using a data transmission technology appropriate for delivering an Internet Protocal such as dial-up, DSL, cable, wireless or dedicated high-speed interconnects.


Local Area (LAN) Wired and Wireless Network Services


Do you want to setup a wireless (WiFi) network in your home or office?  Or, are you having problems with your existing network?  Are you having a problem connecting to the Internet?  Problems with your Cable or DSL modem, your router, your network wiring, or perhaps your WiFi signal?  Perhaps your network configuration is wrong, or you have the wrong Internet Protocol (IP) address stack.  Maybe you have bad network cabling/wiring.


It can be very frustrating because there are so many variables to consider.  Well, we can help you sort these issues out and get you back on the Internet, back sharing resources, and back being productive in the digital world.


We’ll probably need to come to your home or office to determine the root causes.  But don’t worry, we offer a free consultation service to determine the probable issues; and of course, if you decide to have the problems resolved, we can help with that, too.


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